j12_logoJ12 is for students from 4th- 6th graders.


J12 meets on the first Sunday of every month at 6pm at the church building. Pastor Jeff Couture and Nathan Son partner up to dig into the word of God with the kids and set a solid foundation for success at a young age. J12 stands for Jesus at 12 years old and the vision is to reach a generation at 12 years old and establish them in their faith, before they need rescuing at 21. Our team is passionate about loving on students and helping them acquire a vision for their lives where they know that like Jesus, “We must be about our father’s business.” For more information on the curriculum and founder, Gregg Johson, of J12 ministries visit J12.com.


Who? 4th-6th graders

When? 1st Sunday of every month!

Time? 6pm

Where? Generations Church (5201 University)