Gen 1 Worship & Media Ministry


At Generations Church, worship is a part of our DNA.

It is our daily offering to the Lord.

it is our response to hardship.

it is our expression of gratitude for His faithfulness.

Worship is the act of daily picking up our cross and following Christ in submission and obedience.


G-1 Worship and Media Ministries


Our Mission Statement:

To be a body of passionate worshipers who respond to every circumstance of life with worship and who reproduce that DNA in every generation.


Behind our Name: “Gen 1 Worship” or “G-1 Worship”

In Mitosis, the cell replication cycle, there is a phase called G-1 or Growth one phase. The literal description of this phase as described in Mosby’s Medical Dictionary is as follows. G-1 phase: a phase in the cell cycle during which the cell’s future can be influenced by various positive and negative signals. The signals determine whether the cell will advance beyond a certain check point. Once beyond the checkpoint, the cell is committed to entering a phase during which it replicates its DNA. There are two principles behind our name G-1 Worship. In John 16:33, we are promised that life will hold trials and hardship, but that through Christ we will have victory over those things. First, we believe that having a lifestyle that RESPONDS to hardship by worshipping God, is crucial for us to have victory in tribulation. When we worship, we submit our minds, our emotions and our lives to the will of God. In doing so, negative circumstances increase our faith and draw us closer to God, rather than creating a road block. Secondly, when we have matured in our worship lives, we can begin to reproduce that DNA in the next generation. Generations Church was founded on this scriptural premise. “One generation will praise your works to another and shall declare your mighty acts.” Psalm 145:4. This is the heart beat of G-1 Worship Ministries: “To be worshippers who produce worshippers.”


How do I get involved?

G-1 Worship

If you are interested in getting involved, click HERE for more information.


Media Team: Sound, Computer, and Lighting

If you are interested in getting involved, HERE for more information.

If you have skills in digital media and sound production and a passion to deliver the life saving power of the Gospel to our technologially advanced culture, then G-1 Media is a great place for you! Learn how to put your creative and technological abilities to work for the Lord by getting involved with our media team! “Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms.” Peter 4:10


Kelli Couture, Worship Leader